Sky Fire

Sky Fire 1.0

Sky Fire 1.0 is a classic airplane shoot´em up game
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Sunny Games LLC

Sky Fire 1.0 is a classic airplane shoot´em up game.
By flying your tiny airplane, you´ll have to destroy the enemy pilots at any cost.

The game shows you a top view of your plane and the coming enemies. You control your plane using the mouse. You can fire using the spacebar or your left mouse button.

The enemies will come in waves from the top of the screen, firing their weapons against you. They will have different shapes, power and speed. Neverthelesss, you have to destroy them all.

Sometimes, when destroyed, they will leave behind a power-up, that you have to catch in order to use. Some of them will improve your weapons (you will momentarily be able to shoot backwards, in every direction, with double fire, etc.), some of them will improve your health, or wealth, and the stars will give you an extra life.

You´ll need to avoid your enemies shoots, cause they will decrease your health till you lose a life.

From time to time, you will have to beat a big four engine airplane. The way to do that is firing against the engines one by one, till you destroy them all. Then, the airplane will fall.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a nice game, addictive, with nice sounds and free


  • It becomes boring after some time, because of the lack of variations in the game
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